Grow your own bonsai tree on your Palm


  • Lots of factors to consider
  • Emulates real tree growth


  • Lowsy graphics


If you see yourself as a bit of a horticulturalist but are fed up with killing real plants then you might want to install ZenBonsai on your Palm device.

The program charges you with the task of growing an nurturing a minature Japanese tree on your handheld.

The program emulates the growth of a real tree, accelerating steadily over the hours and even years.

Your goal is to create your own bonsai by pruning its branches, watering it and providing proper periods of sunshine.

There are lots of factors to consider if you want your seed to blossom into a healthy tree, making it something of a challenge.

Although the graphics are pretty feable, ZenBonsai represents a nice way of beating stress and provides a certain degree of accomplishment when your plant succeeds.

ZenBonsai sees you take care of a bonsai tree. The bonsai will slowly grow, even if your Palm is turned of. This is a real living plant, so take good care of it.

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User reviews about ZenBonsai

  • by Anonymous

    Good but NEEDS an undo function.
    A great little timewaster. The graphics are very basic, but you can't expect to...   More